Kari Butcher

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Evening Shift Attendant
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Tell us about yourself: I work a lot!  I like to spend with family on my downtime.

What I enjoy most about being an Attendant: helping people

If I wasn’t an attendant…I would be a Police Officer

What advice would you have for potential or new Attendants? Be open minded, not everyone is going to treat you always the way you feel you should be treated

Independent Living means I get to help people stay in their homes. Consumers get to live the life they want to with the extra help they need.

Favourite Band: Imagine Dragons

Favourite Team: Toronto Blue Jays

Favourite TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy

Favourite Travel Spot: I wish I could travel to Australia

Hobbies: Work out, read, kayaking, hiking

Obsessions: Animals

Best Quality: friendly

Greatest achievement: finishing school and starting my career

Supervisor Quote: Kari is a very caring, empathetic and flexible attendant. We appreciate her calm demeanour and willingness to help. She is always putting others first and helps out in any way she can.