Barb Johnson

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FT Attendant, Shamrock
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Tell us about yourself: I moved to Canada 5 years ago. This was my first job in Canada. I was very lucky to find ILCWR. It is a good match for me!

What I enjoy most about being an Attendant:  I like that there is social and physical work. It is a good balance.

If I wasn’t an Attendant…I would like to be living in a little cabin in the woods.

What advice would you have for potential or new Attendants? Enjoy your job and enjoy each person you work with.

Independent Living means to me people living in their own homes and living their life the way they want to.

Favourite Band: Sweet Honey

Favourite Team: not a sports person 

Favourite TV Show: This is Us

Favourite Travel Spot: Sierra Nevada, California. I would love to travel to British Columbia.

Hobbies: Gardening, reading, singing

Obsessions: Being on time

Best Quality: I am a good listener

Greatest achievement: Coming to Canada

Supervisor Quote:  Barb is a very caring and empathetic Attendant. We appreciate her calm demeanour. She always thinks of others first and she is willing to assist in any way she can.