Liliana Vilcea

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Part Time Attendant
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Tell us about yourself: I have been married for 23 years. I have a daughter that is 22 years old. My daughter is everything to me! I have an 11 year old dog that I love!

What I enjoy most about being an Attendant: I enjoy being with people. I enjoy everything about my job especially helping people.

If I wasn’t an Attendant…renovating houses or owning a restaurant

What advice would you have for potential or new Attendants? Be very calm, especially in the morning and if consumers are experiencing pain. Never bring your personal problems to work, leave them at home.

Independent Living means... that consumers can live in their own home and they are happy

Favourite Band: Katy Perry

Favourite Team: I do not have a favourite sports team

Favourite TV Show: Cooking channel, I love cooking shows

Favourite Travel Spot: Everywhere!! I enjoy traveling all over!

Hobbies: I enjoy gardening, cooking, painting and fixing houses

Obsessions: Coffee! I have 3-5 coffee’s a day

Best Quality: I can be around people. People call me when they need me and I can calm people.

Greatest achievement: I came to Canada and now I can do what I like to do, especially my career. 

Supervisor Comment: One word that I think of when Liliana’s name comes to mind is SUPERSTAR! Liliana is a hardworking attendant who is always willing to help out when needed. Liliana always has her consumer's best interest in mind and it shows in the work that she does. Keep up the excellent work!